After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, I began a journey that no one could face alone.  Upon arriving for my first chemotherapy treatment as I was waiting in my room, one of the dear nurses came into my room and handed me the most precious pink bag.  The bag contained several items for me to use to help with the side effects of the chemotherapy treatments.  Most meaningful in the bag was a precious note from a Sister in Christ named Sharon who had defeated breast cancer.  The note contained many words of encouragement and support for me as I began my journey.  I carried the pink bag for several months to remind me of the encouragement and support that I had been given.  Several months later, the Lord gave me the opportunity to pass the bag down to my dear friend Michelle who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The bag brought such a smile to her face and encouragement to her heart.-Amy from Waycross, Georgia

Uniting Sisters in Crisis One Pax at a Time

You and I may never meet, but that changes nothing. Whether we ever get to know each other or not, cancer and its related chemo treatments have brought all of us together with one ultimate goal: strength for today that leads to hope for tomorrow! With our gifts for cancer patients, CarePax & Co. is glad to be an anchor for you throughout the storms in life. We’re here to provide an unshakeable source of stability, comfort, and even fun to you: our sisters in the struggle against cancer.

Both of our gifts for cancer patients My Chemo Cocktail & Me and the Got Your Back Pax were created to help you or your loved one navigate through the cancer journey and move on to pursue your true passions in life. So let’s stop looking back and start moving forward to a better day!

About Our Mission

Gifts for Cancer Patients 2 Paths, 1 Purpose

My Chemo Cocktail & Me

My Chemo Cocktail & Me is the ultimate Chemo Management System. If you’re wondering what lies ahead and how you can manage chemo, this guide includes heartfelt chemo stories, extensive facts, and detailed planning tools to help you get through every step of the journey -- in style!

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Got Your Back Pax

Have you Got Your Back Pax? This all-in-one cancer care package combines My Chemo Cocktail & Me with some of the most comforting chemo care items anywhere. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving through our Traveling Pax Program. Let’s touch as many lives as possible!

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Pay it Forward!

Got Your Back Support Systems’ main vision is that our gifts for cancer patients BackPax chemo care package is handed down from one chemo patient to another through our Traveling Pax Program - creating a source of comfort and strength through mentoring and a one-on-one bond. Our company was born from the pay it forward notion, and we hope to encourage this mindset as we impact the cancer community by multiplying the impact of each and every BackPax and our other gifts for cancer patients.

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Weekly Podcast Show!

Tune in to their weekly podcast show as Sharon and Lucy, aka The Chemo Girls, share their stories, provide insights into cancer treatment, showcase gifts for cancer patients and extend a life-line to those affected by a fresh cancer diagnosis. The Cancer Survivor Show’s format will allow it’s listeners to suggest topics, ask questions, and comment on upcoming shows. Whether you are the cancer patient or a loved one who shares in a treatment journey, you will find empowerment and strength through their shows as The Chemo Girls speak of relevant topics and interview health care providers and other cancer survivors. Who knows, maybe The Chemo Girls can build a show just for you!

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