My Cancer Comrade, Elaine

Over the course of several years, Elaine and I had been co-workers, friends, confidantes, and then during a short two-week period it all changed.  At that time she was a 32 year-old single mom and I was a 34 year-old … Continue reading

Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Okay, let’s be honest with each other. Who out there has ever been guilty of watching the clock, waiting impatiently for the 5:00 chime in order to bolt out of the ole’ workplace.  As the day has progressed, moments of … Continue reading

Good Intentions, and such…

Oh my goodness, don’t we all just want to “DO SOMETHING” when we hear about someone in our life who is struggling with cancer and treatment?  I know I do.  We want to pick up the gauntlet, lift it over … Continue reading

The Legos of Life

As I sit watching my granddaughter build a “museum” with her Barbie Lego set, I think about how creative young minds can be.  She said to me, “Memme…come help me build something” and as I fiddled with some of the … Continue reading