Help with Mouth Sores

Ok guys, I do not want to scare you, because this will not happen to everyone going through chemotherapy and/or radiation, but for anyone out there who is struggling with mouth sores, I hope this blog is helpful. As if … Continue reading

Liberation from My Locks?

Let’s just start with this.  Cancer brings with it loss and grief in many areas.  Allow yourself to grieve the losses.  When treatment alters our body, or devastates a relationship, we must take time to digest our new reality. Over … Continue reading

It’s All About The Hair

The 1960’s: times in which there was a spirit of liberation and expression of self.  Some people refer to that decade as radical in which America noted as a revolution in “altering the social norm of clothing, music, drugs, dress, … Continue reading

Foods that Give Cancer the BOOT!

Hopefully it is clear that the nutritional information we are providing is not just for someone already diagnosed with cancer.  It also applies to anyone who is concerned about cancer in the future, anyone who wants to teach their family … Continue reading

Foods that Feed Cancer

Don’t we just love to eat!?  Eating offers us comfort, energy, nutrition, and so much more.  Even though this is true, sometimes our compulsions and emotions surrounding food can be quite harmful.  Let’s face it, when you battle with cancer, … Continue reading