Young Adult Cancer Patients

Those who are diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-39 are “young adult cancer patients.” …Yes, it IS a different experience! 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year in the US That number is just crazy to … Continue reading

Fatigue & Cancer

Why am I so blasted tired!!?  I feel like my feet are sunk to the knees in wet clay, just trying to get around the house.  I can remember feeling this way through my treatment.  Not every day, but often … Continue reading

So…Who’s Teaching Who?

After working in a profession for 30+ years, one would think they must probably have a handle on it all. After all, there is the Master’s Degree, further accreditation classes, continuing education classes, on-line courses, years of hand-on experience, and … Continue reading

Love Affair With My Port

Oh, my love affair with my port began less than a month after my diagnosis, in the summer of 2002.  It was definitely not love at first sight, but over time I grew attached to my port.  In the beginning … Continue reading

April Showers DO Bring May Flowers

April 1, 2014.  It has been a cold winter for our part of the country.  In the south, we southerners generally don’t see the freezing mark on the thermometer more than 2 or 3 times at the most each year.  … Continue reading