Associations & Chemo

Do you have an important memory that brings with it a collection of sensory details?  Perhaps on your first date with your spouse, you danced your first dance to a memorable song.  For the rest of your life when you … Continue reading

It’s a Cold Water Challenge

As crazy as this seems, this bizarre little game has become viral in and around our small little community.  What is it, you might ask? As a fun way to challenge friends to donate to a favorite charity, the “Cold … Continue reading

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Well, sort of anyway.  Even though this situation is not at all the same, so many old feelings cropped up and threatened to invade my peace.  It is really impossible to undo the hearing of those words “you have cancer.”  … Continue reading

Buddy Check Programs Pioneer Saving Lives

For more than 2 decades, First Coast New and Baptist Health both in Jacksonville, Florida, have partnered to provide the Buddy Check 12 Program – a program designed to promote monthly breast self-examinations and save lives through early detection of … Continue reading

Yoga & Cancer

If you are a yogi, you love all that is yoga and you are happy to identify yourself to some degree in that love.  Not only that, but nothing in this little blog will surprise you at all.  And if … Continue reading

Relay for Life: What it Really Means

Sponsored by The American Cancer Society, Relay for Life is an annual event in which communities join together for the sole purpose of recognizing those whose lives have been affected by cancer and raising needed funds to support cancer patients … Continue reading

Pet Therapy & Cancer

Ok, admittedly I am an animal person.  I love cats, dogs, horses, fish, goats, sheep, cows, birds of almost any sort, Oh and DUCKS (let’s not forget ducks), etc.  Some of you are cringing and thinking, “Animals just are not … Continue reading

What Are You Waiting For?

I will begin with a little confession….this blog stems from life lessons that are new and still evolving in my mind and heart.  They are all about waiting and storing. Waiting…….. Truly, I spend a good chunk of my life … Continue reading