When Lightning Strikes

It was a normal Saturday morning.  The morning had been filled with the laughter of little children and the shouts of joy as finish points were met and winners announced.  My husband and I had been at our granddaughter’s swim … Continue reading

Ghost Stories

Amazing. The stories were always the same but we would scream and cover our faces inside the blankets surrounding us each and every time as if it was the first time we heard them.  My daddy had such a way … Continue reading


This week Lucy will be stepping away from the computer for a little R&R! She will continue with her blogs next week… stay tuned. Not just surviving, but thriving with you!

Water & Cancer Treatment

Why do we love water so?  For me it’s really everything about it.  I love the look of water in all its clarity, how it bubbles, bounces, ripples and flows. You know, as children we all loved water play.  We … Continue reading

Are You Ready to Raise Your Flag?

Another 4th of July and Americans have just celebrated the 238th birthday of our great country.  We Americans celebrated in many ways:  parades, family barbeques, boating events, and other various types of expressions of pilgrimage were conducted.  Everywhere I looked … Continue reading

Beauty Rest: Fact or Fiction?

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of speaking before a group of women for a small women’s conference at one of our local churches.  As I told them, I really did not know why in the world … Continue reading