Cancer & Clarity About Self

Cancer is a thief and a liar.  And one lie in particular is powerful, but ineffective if you are able to accept a strange truth.  This truth can bring a lot of clarity and liberation to the perceptions we carry … Continue reading

Tweaking Your Compass

Have you ever been on a trip or a vacation and felt like you had really done your research well…carefully planned and executed the perfect adventure.  You google all the attractions, restaurants, and local venues for the location you are … Continue reading

Anemia & Cancer Treatment

Are you feeling cold, tired or just looking drained?  This just might be caused by anemia.  Having spent most of my life in a state of anemia or borderline anemia, some of its symptoms are a little more “normal” to … Continue reading

Stranger in the Mirror

When we get the diagnosis, so much changes so fast!  Initially, we are overwhelmed by the struggle with our emotions, reconciling mortality, relationships, logistics and finances.  However, as treatment begins most of us have a moment, or two, or more … Continue reading