Books About Cancer

Bringing Order, Peace, and Joy to a Twisted Adventure

When one hears the words: "You have Cancer," life as you know it suddenly comes to an abrupt halt.

For Sharon, one of CarePax & Co.’s founders, this diagnosis meant reading books about cancer and aggressive treatment for a rapid type of breast cancer. Lucy, on the other hand, went through multiple surgeries and radiation therapy sessions after her doctor found a cancerous tumor in one of her milk ducts. Although their stories are different, after reading all the books about cancer they could, they’ve come together with one vision: to create hope and an uplifting spirit for women going through breast cancer treatment.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 20, 2013, so many emotions went through my mind. The main emotion being fear…fear of the unknown. As I began to accept my diagnosis, I reached out to other women who had "been there, done that." I had wonderful support from family and friends, but they didn't truly understand what I was going through. My fellow sisters, who had been down this path before me, were where I found my strength. This was how I found out about Sharon and Lucy and their book and backpax. Receiving my backpax and all the useful things inside, gives me confidence and reassurance as I begin this unknown and scary journey, chemo.....even if it will be on my 35th birthday!! I look forward to completing my journey and paying it forward, just as Sharon and Lucy have done!!-Shannon from Waycross, Georgia

A Chemo Guide for Beginners

My Chemo Cocktail & Me: Bringing Order, Peace, and Joy to a Twisted Adventure is a chemo guide written for those looking for books about cancer whose journeys are just beginning. This roadmap will help make the earliest treatments better than they would have been otherwise and also provide a “life compass” for the patient during treatment.
Sharon and Lucy have worked tirelessly on this book about cancer to help organize the necessary facts and chemo stories into a single chemotherapy management system that includes the following items (and more!):

  • Inspirational quotes
  • A chemo journal
  • Reflections from personal experiences
  • A chemo calendar
  • A paperwork sorting coordinator
  • Chemo side effect suggestions
  • Medication management