During the early days of my cancer diagnosis I struggled trying to figure out how I was going to deal with the new path my life was taking. This path was filled with doctors, tests, appointments and more information than I could possibly digest. How was I ever going to deal with all of these things while taking care of my family and working full time? After I received the book My Chemo Cocktail & Me, so many of my questions were answered; many aspects of my life were then organized and the inspiring words from Lucy and Sharon gave me hope and strength to face each new day. As I left for each chemo treatment, I grabbed my Got Your Back Pax and smiled as I knew it is filled with goodies to keep me comfortable during my treatments. Ladies, you were rays of sunshine during many dark days and I am truly blessed to have had you with me on this journey! Thank You!!-Sharon from Kingsland, Georgia

Gifts for Breast Cancer Patients

SharonDuring the weeks, months, and years following her treatment for rapidly advancing breast cancer, survivor Sharon Crews has frequently reflected upon her experience with the thoughts of "If I had only known about _____, I would have been prepared for it" and "If I had had a system of organization, my life during chemotherapy would have been so much easier". Sharon and co-author Lucy Barlow now offer gifts for breast cancer patients including a helpful guide and tool for anyone who faces the trials of cancer treatment in order to assist them in their journey to a new life
and freedom from disease.

My Chemo Cocktail & Me is a collection of Sharon’s reflective thoughts covering treatment aspects that she wishes she had known before her cancer journey. This book organizes these aspects into a systematic and patient-friendly format that will allow for reduced frustration and increased efficiency for the person whose life journeys have been temporarily detoured. It is Sharon’s hope and prayer that these gifts for breast cancer patients and her perspectives can be used to benefit anyone facing cancer treatment so they don’t become distraught and hopeless; instead receiving a positive, forward-looking vision for their lives.


LucyAs a friend and professional associate for many years, Lucy Barlow embraces Sharon’s vision to assist those who are facing the unexpected path of chemotherapy. In the fall of 2010, Lucy was diagnosed with non-invasive dual carcinoma, which required a number of surgeries and 32 radiation sessions. Over numerous visits to the oncology center, Lucy began to “see” the hopeless look in the eyes of the patients waiting for their chemotherapy appointments and she “caught” the vision that her friend Sharon had frequently expressed to her: to help others get through the process of cancer treatment with more hope, less stress, a sense of organization in a climate of upheaval, and a vision for the future. Lucy and Sharon developed their gifts for breast cancer patients, the Got Your Back Pax chemotherapy care package out of this passion to assist each other – including all the things needed to pamper a patient and make the chemo session a little more manageable.

Collectively, both Sharon and Lucy wish to spread their views of "Paying it Forward" on a national and international basis. Their goal for this project is to track BackPax as women pass their treatment goodies and words of encouragement on from one woman to another…creating a chain reaction of love and support from city to city, state to state, country to country, and around the world. Their Traveling BackPax crusade is intended to educate the public across the world on the importance of helping individuals in need with gifts for breast cancer patients and creating an atmosphere of selfless assistance.

Ultimately, Einstein puts it best when he said "A life lived for others is the only life worth living."