After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, I began a journey that no one could face alone.  Upon arriving for my first chemotherapy treatment as I was waiting in my room, one of the dear nurses came into my room and handed me the most precious pink bag.  The bag contained several items for me to use to help with the side effects of the chemotherapy treatments.  Most meaningful in the bag was a precious note from a Sister in Christ named Sharon who had defeated breast cancer.  The note contained many words of encouragement and support for me as I began my journey.  I carried the pink bag for several months to remind me of the encouragement and support that I had been given.  Several months later, the Lord gave me the opportunity to pass the bag down to my dear friend Michelle who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The bag brought such a smile to her face and encouragement to her heart.-Amy from Waycross, Georgia Chemo Patient - Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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