Got Your Back Pax™


The Got your Back Pax is stuffed full of items that a woman needs to make her treatment visits as comfortable as possible.


Each item was hand selected based upon the specific needs that cancer survivors Sharon Crews and Lucy Barlow found. From Ginger drops to eliminate the taste of metal in the mouth to an ice pellet tray for just the right size of ice to suck on to a soft blanket to take off the chill that usually occurs during treatment. The pack is filled with all the necessary items to comfort and support a patient.

The back pack was specifically designed to alleviate pressure with a comfy single sling strap and for those days when a woman can’t carry weight on her shoulder, there is a convenient finger loop at the top.

All items fit neatly and conveniently into the pack giving the woman only one thing to remember on the way out the door, because we Got your Back Pax.