Waycross, GA: A Small Town with a Big Heart!

I have lived in Waycross, Georgia for 10 years now and clearly had no idea what a big-hearted community surrounded me.  In the time that I worked, raised children andway1 went about the business of life, but quite frankly, I have been biding my time until God might see fit to allow us to more on.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no real issue with Waycross, it was just lonely and quite, well  “vanilla.”  I hoped the future would see our family further north where cooler temperatures and four seasons abound, or to the outskirts of an interesting city or landscape.  Someplace with entertainment, hiking, the arts, excitement, a beach, the mountains and definitely somewhere we might be able to play a part of something that matters.

It took years and some interesting circumstances for me to find social connections here.  The people, for the most part are born and raised here.  They socialize with their family, their family church and their life-long friends.  Its not that they want to exclude anyone, but their lives are full and complete.  They do not really have transient friendships, and do not know that those who move in and out of their little community need them.

But when the women of Waycross received

the first pax and breathed life into it, something

magical happened.

The pax became something more, a chain of mentorship and love.  It is not only a way to pass on the wisdom of the journey, but it also turned into a way to live out survivorship with meaning.   It is a vehicle to make a difference in those who are walking into a story familiar enough to be your own.  They gave my pax legs.

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As the Waycross Junior Service League offered to provide the Got Your Back Pax Support System to the women in our area who will begin chemotherapy for at least half a year, the empathetic nature of Waycross again shone brightly.  The ladies of the Junior Service League work diligently for the people of our community in many areas.

The volunteers of the Southeast Cancer Unit work hard to raise funds and then reach out to meet the needs of our local cancer patients.  These diligent and kind women amaze me.

We thank the Waycross Mayo hospital for their efforts to ensure that women receiving chemo for breast cancer are supported when they walk in for that first treatment with the Got Your Back Pax Support System. Their community launch party for that project was spectacular…. complete with art, yummy treats & a harp! Dr. Jha and Angie Adams kept the faith and showered us with encouragement as this project came to life.

Waycross raises funds and awareness through walks, runs, Gala’s and fantastic fashion shows. They have dinner parties, candlelight ceremonies and various fund-raisers. Those who have walked troubled paths bear their souls in brave transparency to comfort and mentor those who are walking into frightful unknowns.

This community continues to inspire and amaze us in their efforts to support their own.

And so in earnest I can say that I love my little community. I love it because of the heart, grit and creativity of its people.

And so often happens, passing along these pax’s brought with it bigger purpose, excitement, involvement in my community… and friendships that are based on something that really matters.

I just love Waycross!

Not just surviving, but THRIVING with you,